The Holmes family is one competitive family! In this “Holmes for the Holidays” special, Sherry challenges her brother, Michael and her father, Mike to a competition. The goal is to see who is best at decorating their home for Christmas — in just one week! The whole family joins in and everyone pulls out all the stops. Each house is decorated in a unique theme and there are surprises along the way. May the best Holmes win!


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Photos from Holmes for the Holidays


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Holmes for the Holidays – Special



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Open-concept, or curbless showers are growing in popularity – and for good reason. They offer accessibility – and lots of flexibility in design. And when we remove the barriers for our shower, we can also create a seamless look in the bathroom, making it look and feel bigger.Photos from Hasler Homes in North Vancouver, a #HolmesApproved builder. ... See MoreSee Less
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Your home may not look as pretty, but it's good to make it a habit to always switch off your holiday lights and decorations when you go out or go to bed. Decorations can sometimes be an electrical fire waiting to happen, so why take any ris#HolidaySafetya#hohoholmesolmes ... See MoreSee Less
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