In each half-hour episode of Holmes: Buy It Right, Mike Holmes applies his construction expertise and creative vision to one couple’s search for their dream home.

With their favourite properties to choose from, Holmes gets these home buyers to use their heads, in addition to their hearts and gives them the tools they need to make the most important purchase of their lives.


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Holmes Buy It Right

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Season 1

  • S01E01: Hilton Head House Hunt
  • S01E02: Holmes Views St. Anthony Homes
  • S01E03: No Ordinary Buy in Minneapolis
  • S01E04: Forever Home in Hilton Head
  • S01E05: Newlyweds Need Help in Florida
  • S01E06: Mike’s Minneapolis Home Hunt
  • S01E07: Making Room in Florida
  • S01E08: Investment in Brooklyn Park
  • S01E09: New Home for Single Mom
  • S01E10: Working a Miracle in Tampa
  • S01E11: On a Mission in St, Petersburg
  • S01E12: Trio Hunts for Home in Aurora
  • S01E13: Off the Ranch in Colorado
  • S01E14: Eyeing First Home in Englewood

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Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesFriday, January 17th, 2020 at 2:34pm
I’m a big believer in reusing things — so for any furniture that is still in good shape, but won’t fit in your new home, donate it or repurpose it. The same goes for any cabinetry that you’re replacing. Research your local furniture banks and find someone who will help distribute it to people who could really use it. Whenever we work on a kitchen renovation, we do our best to save those big-ticket items that still have a shelf life.
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesThursday, January 16th, 2020 at 4:53pm
For anyone with the talent and the drive, the trades are a great career. Why do some people still treat the trades as a fallback option?
Mike Holmes
Mike HolmesWednesday, January 15th, 2020 at 7:33pm
It’s getting colder and colder out there in Alberta, which means we are using more electricity to heat our homes. This puts stress on the electrical grid. That’s why it’s great to see builders like Effect Home Builders Ltd. taking important steps to reduce energy consumption. Their office is “off-grid” which means they generate their own heat and power internally through the ATCO combined heat and power system.

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Don't forget - we've got three more episodes of #HolmesAndHolmes tonight at 8pm on @hgtv (US)! I'm going to be taking over their account for the first episode.
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Recommendations for a great place to eat in Vegas? #IBS 2020
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A new electric fireplace can bring a lot of necessary warmth - especially if you install one in the basement which tends to be cooler. It can even raise your home’s value of upwards of 5%. @NapoleonProduct

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