A More Homeful Future For TV - Holmes On Homes Podcast Season 2, Episode 7


Mike Holmes On Homeful TV And The Future of TV


Mike Holmes has been in the industry for over 40 years and on TV for more than 20 years. While Mike never wanted to be on TV, he found this as an opportunity to educate millions of homeowners at once on how to Make It Right. Fast forward to today Mike has over 15 series and has helped over 300 homeowners! So what comes next? Mike Holmes and his children, Michael Holmes and Sherry Holmes are excited to be joining Homeful TV —a global home renovation, real estate, and design TV brand. The channel is available to stream for FREE in the US, Canada, and more countries coming soon where you can watch all the Holmes classic shows.
In this podcast episode, Mike is joined by Craig Junner, SVP Programming of Blue Ant Media and a walking TV encyclopedia, and his son Michael Holmes as they talk about what Homeful is, what people can expect, the future of TV and even some fun conversations about their guilty pleasure shows. Don’t miss another fun-packed Holmes on Homes podcast episode!

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Blue Ant Media runs subscription-video on demand (SVOD), advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) and global free streaming channels (FAST)–such as Homeful! Homeful is a global home renovation, real estate, and design TV brand. The channel is available to stream for FREE in the US, Canada, and more countries coming soon! The channel features well-known TV personalities in the home reno, real estate and DIY space, including: Sarah Richardson, Debbie Travis, Scott McGillivray, and of course, Mike Holmes. 

In Canada, Homeful is available on channels like The Roku Channel, LG Channels, and soon to come on Samsung TV Plus and Pluto! In the US, Homeful is available on platforms like The Roku Channel, FreeVee (available via Prime Video), SlingTV, Tubi, LG Channels, and soon Samsung TV Plus!

Find out more about Homeful and where to watch it here.



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