There’s no better way to create and enjoy a fulfilling  leisure lifestyle than to have your own swimming pool. It’s  a healthy place for kids and their friends to play outdoors  without leaving the relative safety of home. A focus for  family barbecues and gatherings. A wonderful way to enjoy  exercise and achieve a healthier life.  

As one of the world’s largest composite swimming pool  manufacturers, we have developed a stylish and innovative  range of swimming pools, in a variety of designs and sizes,  with a multitude of features and benefits, so that we can  provide you with the ideal Leisure Pools® swimming pool  for your home. Coupled with great designs, we use state of  the art production processes and superior raw materials,  backed by in-house research and impressive stringent  quality controls, to ensure that the quality of every Leisure  Pools® swimming pool is the very best on the world market. 

Are you ready to live your Life of Leisure? 

At Leisure Pools®, our mission is to improve the lifestyle of families at home, through  the enjoyment of our range of innovative and quality swimming pools and associated  products. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.” 

“Leisure Pools is a family owned company just like mine and more importantly I love their products because they use state of the art production processes and superior raw materials.

– Mike Holmes


Leisure Pools Product Photos

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The Moroccan

Our first pool design that still offers unique design options as it features seating in three corners and wonderful landscaping opportunities.

The Moroccan

The Limitless

Take advantage of all the features of The Ultimate (splash pad, build-in spa plus swimming pool) but within a more demanding backyard space.

The Limitless

The Topaz

Enjoy the shallow depths and straight walls of this additional space, designed for poolside relaxation and activities. Further elevate your backyard escape with the stunning visual and auditory effect of integrated, cascading spill overs, available in a variety of options.

The Topaz

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