Ecohome is here to make a difference, for both the planet and for your wallet. Your A/C system accounts for approximately 60% of your electricity use. With Ecohome, users can dramatically drop their electricity use without making any changes to their current A/C system or thermostat.

Ecohome utilizes cutting-edge technology to reduce home cooling bills without users having to change their daily habits. By harnessing technology already developed by our parent company, Smartcool Systems Inc., we are bringing energy and cost reduction technologies to the North American home market.


For the past fifteen years our technology has been used to successfully address the high energy needs of some of the world’s largest corporations, including McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, Dell Computers, GE and Hilton Hotels. Ecohome was created to bring the commercial innovation and benefits of the same groundbreaking technology to family homes across North America.

“Upgrading with green technology can help you fight back against your energy bills. EcoHome technology will cut your energy consumption and shrink your electricity bills. It works with your current air conditioning unit and your thermostat.”

– Mike Holmes


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