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DITRA-HEAT is the first electric floor warming system that combines uncoupling in a single layer with the heating cables for a warm tile floor that is not susceptible to cracking.

The frequent temperature fluctuations caused by a floor warming system leads to more expansion and contraction, creating greater movement stresses in tiled finishes. This usually requires the installation of two separate systems – a floor warming system plus an uncoupling system to prevent cracks in the tile and grout. But DITRA-HEAT is the only system that provides both floor warming and uncoupling in a single layer.

The heating cables are easily snapped into place on top of the uncoupling mat without the need for clips or fasteners. The installer has complete flexibility on where the cables are placed, so every installation is customized to suit the exact requirements of every homeowner. And because the system requires no self-leveling compounds, once the heating cables are in place tile installation can begin immediately, saving time and money.

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