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Friday September 9th

Canada’s housing industry has been doing pretty good. Especially if we look at how the “economic downturn” has affected other countries and their housing markets. Canadian housing has even started to pick up some momentum over the last couple years. And all forecasts indicate this year isn’t going to be different.

Friday September 9th

Older cities like Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s have homes over 100 years old. Some of these homes are still standing – others barely. But if you’re interested in old real estate, it’s important you know what the neighbourhood was like when the house was built. Why? Because this can give you a rough idea of the state of the property.

Wednesday August 24th

Anyone buying a resale home needs to get a home inspection—no exception. Not getting one is like buying a used car without taking it for a test drive, or buying it based on colour.

Tuesday March 22nd
Information you need when checking out your deck

Regular inspection and maintenance can extend your wood deck’s life by 10-15 years. Here are some simple tips you can follow when inspecting your deck.

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