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Friday February 6th
Mike talks about the most important step to loving your reno

Many homeowners are starting to think about renovating some part of their home. The goal of any renovation is to add value, whether it’s in the materials and finishes, improvements to structure and mechanics, or just making it more comfortable for you and your family.

Friday February 6th
Get the play-by-play on how to plan your next renovation

If you want to love your reno, you have to plan it right. We plan to have a baby; we plan to buy a house; we plan a lot of things in our lives but people tend to not plan a renovation properly.

Wednesday September 3rd
With Mike Holmes Jr.

Checking everything out, including the kitchen sink!

Wednesday September 3rd
Mike revisits ghosts of kitchen renos past

The stuff you don’t want to see in your kitchen reno, but in case you do, what needs to happen to make it right!

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