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Tuesday March 7th
Proper deck load and making it right

Decks seem relatively simple to build but many people don’t realize that decks are structures that need to resist specific loads.

Wednesday April 20th
Seven key areas that increase deck safety

Tips from the pros at Simpson Strong-Tie on how to increase your deck's safety!

Tuesday April 12th
How to ensure the electrical safety of your deck

Every deck needs to be properly lit, but before you go ahead and start adding light fixtures and plugging in string lights there are few things you need to check to make sure everything works smoothly and doesn’t cause any trouble, like an electrical fire.

Wednesday April 6th
The do’s and don’ts to designing your ultimate deck

Creating your ultimate deck isn’t just about the deck itself. It’s about design, where you’re putting the deck, privacy, material, what’s going on the deck—and of course, safety!!

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