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Buying & Selling It Right


Friday March 17th

A seller’s market has a tendency to push buyers to do things they normally wouldn’t do, and commit to things that puts them in a vulnerable position. Usually, that means pushing beyond their financial capacity and getting in way over their heads in debt. And for what? For something that seems pretty basic: an affordable, safe home.

Friday September 9th

Older cities like Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s have homes over 100 years old. Some of these homes are still standing – others barely. But if you’re interested in old real estate, it’s important you know what the neighbourhood was like when the house was built. Why? Because this can give you a rough idea of the state of the property.

Wednesday August 24th

Anyone buying a resale home needs to get a home inspection—no exception. Not getting one is like buying a used car without taking it for a test drive, or buying it based on colour.

Wednesday August 10th

A house is the biggest investment most people ever make in their lives—and it doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee.

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