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The Holmes Inspection
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Mike shows us how to sell smart and buy smart so there’ll be no surprises when it comes to the single largest investment most of us will ever make. Homebuyers today are in a bind. Before signing on the dotted line and handing over their hard-earned cash, they need advice about the product itself: the house they’ve got their eye on.

Using real case studies, “red flag” sidebars and hundreds of photographs, The Holmes Inspection shows readers how to spot problems that could be expensive or even catastrophic, giving them the information they need to judge a house wisely. From the mechanicals (furnace, electrical and plumbing) to the “envelope” (floors, walls, doors and windows) to issues of location and siting, this book alerts readers to the ugly realities behind the “lipstick and mascara” that many vendors use to cover up problems when selling their homes.


In Mike’s straight-from-the-hip style, The Holmes Inspection covers:
• Why you need a quality home inspection—even for a new house.
• How to spot a flip—and why it matters.
• How a thorough and realistic inspection can help you negotiate a fair price.
• Issues to be aware of when buying a condo.
• What to do if there’s no time for a home inspection.
• Homeowner responsibilities when selling.

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