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Wurth Tool Preview

Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., and Sherry Holmes preview and demonstrate some of Wurth’s tools.

Würth Canada offers a product line with over 14,000 items all of which have a reputation for high-quality worldwide. Since the late 80's and the early 90's Würth Canada has established itself, as a trusted Canadian supplier. Their product offering is quickly growing and currently includes:

• Fasteners
• Electrical supplies
• Cleaning & detailing supplies
• Vehicle repair supplies & components
• Abrasives
• Safety supplies & first aid supplies
• Cutting supplies
• Auto lights & work lights
• Industrial adhesives & tapes
• General tools
• Lubricants & Greases Adhesives & Tapes
• Sealants, O-rings & weather stripping
• Paints & primers
• Rust proofing & rust removers
• Fittings, hoses & tubing
• Welding supplies

For more information: www.wurth.ca

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