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SigmaDek™ System

The SigmaDek system is a true industry first - a game-changer for home-deck building that reduces construction time to hours and delivers a stunning aluminum/porcelain-inlay deck surface that's seamless, scratch proof, stain resistant and maintenance free.

The design, engineering and manufacturing behind SigmaDek products is world class and took many years to develop and test. There are three basic product lines. The SigmaDek system is a complete pre-fabricated deck structure, including the substructure, stairs, railing and deck boards.

The SigmaDek system is designed to last a lifetime. All components have been tested to withstand forces that exceed the building code by at least 2.5 times. Injuries due to deck collapses are increasing year after year due to improper installation and material degradation. SigmaDek is a safe alternative to wood framing.

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