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Ladder Lockdown

From homeowners to handymen ladders are a part of life, as are ladder falls. You never know when a ladder may be needed, no matter the environment. That’s when Ladder Lockdown really shines. By locking your ladder onto or into the ground, movement is prevented either laterally or horizontally, and that means less falls and less ruined lives.

At Ladder Lockdown, we believe in safety. It’s our mission to reduce the enormous impact on good people both emotionally and economically that result from inevitable ladder falls. We strive to help people safely accomplish ladder tasks at home and on the job.

If you care about safety, you are going to love Ladder Lockdown.

Ladder Lockdown is a ladder enhancement product designed to improve ladder safety. Ladder Lockdown is built for versatility and work great on hard surfaces (concrete, wood), soft surfaces (sand, grass) and ice. Our all-in-one saddle prevents ladder kick out and reduces lateral movement to create a safer laddering environment. 

Our Ladder Lockdown saddle addresses OSHA requirements around ladder safety.

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