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Powering Your Life

When you lose power it's not just the lights that go out. Critical hardwired systems, like your heating and air conditioning stop working; food begins to spoil, security systems often fail, even sump pumps stop working. A power outage lasting only a few days can cost over $1,200 in repairs.

Champion Power Equipment is a market leader in power generation equipment, with years of experience providing dependable and durable power products. Designed with portability in mind, Champion products can be stored, moved and used with ease no matter where you need power. Whether for work, recreation or home-use, Champion creates the power that makes your life easier, including open frame generators, lightweight inverter generators, dual fuel portable generators and standby generators.

Product features include:

Dual Fuel – runs on GAS or PROPANE straight out of the box

Wireless Remote Start – start and stop the unit from up to 80 ft. away

Touch Start – battery included for push-button electric start

Volt Guard – protects appliances from power surges

2-Year Limited Warranty with 24/7 technical support for all Champion products

Open Frame Generators

Durable steel frame

Great addition to an RV or cabin/cottage

Travel-ready models available with standard 30A and 50A RV outlets—enough power to start and run everything in an RV

Select models equipped with u-shape folding handle and never-flat tires (for easy maneuvering and transportation)

Inverter Generators

Available in 2,000 watts to over 3,000 watts

Delivers backup power during an emergency

Lightweight, powerful and quiet

Ideal for special events, RV camping, hunting, fishing, tenting or tailgating

• Travel-ready models available with standard 30A RV outlet 

Produces clean power (<3% THD)

• Suitable for sensitive electronics, such as computers and flat screen TVs 

Smart Economy Mode adjusts engine operation according to how much power is required

Higher fuel economy and extended engine life

Can connect to other Champion inverters for increased power

Equipped with carrying handle, foldaway handle and wheel kit for easy maneuvering and transportation

Dual Fuel Generators

Gas or propane operated

Patented fuel selector switch for safe operation

Standard run times starting at 8 hours (full tank of gas) or up to 10.5 hours (full 5 gallon/20lb propane tank at 50% load)

Select models equipped with easy pull recoil start or push-button electric start (battery included)

Standby Generators

Continuously monitors home’s electrical supply

Automatically supplies electricity when an interruption in utility power is detected

Never needs refueling (connected directly to gas line)

Allows you to choose the power you need to safeguard your home and family

Continues to operate no matter how long the power is out


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