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Certainteed - AirRenew® IAQ Gypsum Board

Mike Holmes Using AirRenew Drywall from CertainTeed Gypsum

Hear what Mike Holmes has to say about AirRenew Indoor Air Quality Drywall from CertainTeed Gypsum.

Learn more about AirRenew: www.certainteed.com/airrenew

AirRenew® drywall products are designed to give you a healthier living environment by improving your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), providing long-term peace of mind.

AirRenew® drywall products feature industry-exclusive technology that actively clear indoor air by capturing VOCs, specifically formaldehyde and other aldehydes, converting them into safe, inert compounds. Once captured in the board, they are locked in and cannot be released back into the air.

In addition to reducing the VOCs in the air you and your family breathe, AirRenew® drywall products are also resistant to fire, mould, moisture, abuse and impact, so you get a stronger, safer, more durable home.

When you incorporate AirRenew® drywall products into your home renovation or building project, not only are you improving your home’s structure, you’re also improving your family’s health.

Build a healthier home with AirRenew®.

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