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TORONTO, ON (March 2, 2015)—Renowned building expert Mike Holmes is putting his stamp of approval on a proven mold-fighting solution, Concrobium Mold Control®, to help raise awareness about indoor air quality issues and their health affects.

Concrobium Mold Control®, the patented antimicrobial solution that kills and prevents mold without the use of harmful chemicals, has been officially designated a HOLMES Approved Product. The innovative product has been used by homeowners, building professionals and mold remediators for over a decade to eradicate tough mold problems.

“It’s about healthy homes. We know mold can reduce indoor air quality, and poor air quality affects our health,” said Mike Holmes. “Think of how much time we spend in our homes, especially during winter. So when we see mold we have to take it seriously. We address the root cause of the mold – the moisture issues – and we get rid of it using solutions that work, and that aren’t more toxic than the mold. My crew’s been using Concrobium Mold Control® for years. It’s safe and it works.”

The HOLMES Approved Products program was designed to help homeowners choose products that support the health and safety of their home, including improved indoor air quality. Concrobium Mold Control®, a Health Canada-registered antimicrobial, provides a safe and effective solution for tackling mold problems.

Concrobium Mold Control® crushes and destroys mold down to the roots,” added Holmes. “And it leaves a protective barrier on the surface against future mold growth. With other products – like bleach – the mold just comes back.”

Mike Holmes advocates creating healthier and safer indoor living environments through proper construction and using better products. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Alberta floods in 2013, Mike travelled to affected areas to help educate residents about safer, more effective clean-up procedures and rebuilding practices.

“Mold remediation is a process, not a product,” stated Brian Bacik, CEO of Concrobium Mold Solutions. “Our company prides itself on providing the right advice to homeowners and professionals who are facing indoor mold issues. All front-line Concrobium employees are certified Mold Remediation Technicians with the know-how to help customers address mold responsibly and thoroughly. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Mike Holmes, the most trusted name in home improvement, to help educate consumers about mold.”


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