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The other day I saw an interesting post a dad made about his four-year-old daughter. She wanted a step stool for the sink. He said, “Let’s go make one,” and you know what she said? “Okay!” Next thing you know she’s helping him choose materials, and even helped with the sanding.

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and I think this is a great example of how parents can help shape tomorrow’s leaders, just through simple things, like getting the kids involved—and especially daughters—on small projects around the house. It’s a first step towards building self-confidence, and great opportunity for them to grow and learn a new skill, how things work and general home maintenance. If we don’t get them involved, we cheat them.

When parents work on home repairs, small projects, general maintenance and even renovations, they might try to get their sons involved, but not too often do they ask their daughters to come help. Typically, if dad’s working on the house mom might take the girls out, or get them to do something else—and it’s a shame. It’s an opportunity for them to learn how things work, how to build and the work that’s involved when you have a home. It’s important stuff to know, for anyone.

Some parents might think their kids aren’t interested in this kind of work, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about kids—boys and girls—is that they love to learn and how to use tools properly. You can see their faces just light up. You know the saying: “Get them while they’re young.” I couldn’t agree more.

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