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There is no denying that Ken Stadt and his wife Sandie have a special attachment to their 1,375-square-foot bungalow in Avonmore.

Ken was a forestry student at the University of Alberta in the 1990s when he rented a room in the home. Sandie, who was a regular visitor, fell under its spell, so when they were offered the chance to purchase it as a married couple in 2004, they happily took on its ownership.

Despite loving the little house’s character and history — its first incarnation was as a 1945 farmhouse on the outskirts of Edmonton — their growing family yearned for a larger, functional kitchen and more than one bathroom, including a bathtub to accommodate their tall physiques. They considered moving but didn’t want to give up their neighbourhood, which features Mill Creek Ravine Park sunsets and easy bike and bus commutes to work and school.

“We love the area and would have had a hard time giving up our yard,” says Ken, adding that when they looked at homes in the area within their price range, they would either be renovating or living with somebody else’s renovation.

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