Quality. integrity. Trust.

It’s going to be impossible to replace someone like Craig.

It’s not just about jobs and contractors, day in and day out. It’s about contractors becoming friends, and Craig has been a friend of mine for many years, helping me help other people.

I met Craig about 14 years ago. He was painting on a lot of the jobs I was doing before television. When I first met him he was one of those go-getters. He knew what he was doing, he was a top-notch pro and he loved what he did. When the opportunity came to work on television I brought him with me. He said, “I want to help you make it right.” And he did. Together we worked on over 200 episodes.

I got to know him first as a contractor—one of the best—but then he became my friend. He was someone that I could trust and he grew as part of my family. If I said, “Craig, I need this done by this day,” he would always say the same thing: “No problem.” He was someone that just didn’t stop—he went 7 days a week.

Craig lifted everyone’s soul, lifted everyone’s happiness—I’ve never seen the guy upset. He never complained, never argued and he never had a bad thing to say about anyone. When we went to Pasadena to work on a job he paid for himself and his crew to go help. That’s the type of guy he was.

Everyone on my crew loved him and to have him be part of what we’ve been doing all these years was not only important to me, my crew and my kids, but also to all the families that we helped along the way. He was someone that we could not do without.

Craig had style. He loved scuba diving, exploring shipwrecks, travelling, he was funny, creative and he was a character. He cared about what he did, cared about helping people, and he wanted to teach the next generation.

He had passion for his family and his kids—he planned with his daughters where he was going to take them around the world. He had passion for his friends, for his work, and he would take every opportunity to teach others how to be pros—he loved it all.

It’s rare to find anyone like Craig. He’s going to be missed.

- Mike Holmes

How You Can Help Craig’s Family

A trust account has been set up for Craig’s four daughters.  All funds will be used to support their future.

Deposits can be made directly at any TD Canada Trust branch in Account # 231 6341522 for "In Trust For John Craig Lowe."

Alternatively, cheques can be made payable to In Trust For John Craig Lowe and sent to:

In Trust for John Craig Lowe
P.O. Box 40581
Six Points Plaza P.O.
5230 Dundas Street West
Etobicoke, ON. M9B6K8